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What is this?

This site is my personal webspace. It is at the same time both my weblog as well as the storage space for all my writings and any code I choose to publish to the world. I am planning to post both my opinions, my life details boring as they may be and anything that I create and want to share with the world as well.

Why is it in english?

Good question, huh. Basically I am currently writing my stories in english. I have many online readers and friends, who don't understand danish and my danish friends all understand english. So why not cater to both my audience and my friends at the same time. That's why. It is not some pretention that I am actually that good at english (and the grammar and spelling mistakes will probably abound), but I want people to read my site.

How is it made?

The site is written in valid strict XHTML 1.0 and makes use of NO tables for presentation. Instead the site presentation is made by way of valid CSS2 instead.


All opinions represented on this site is expressed with freedom of speech granted by the Kingdom of Denmark.

All content on this site is unless expressly stated otherwise copyright of the website owner and author: Mikael Helbo Kjær.

Any misuse of the posted content will be persecuted to the full extent allowed by both national and international laws and treaties.