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December 2002

These entries were made in December 2002

5. December

Man they can sure pressure us to make a load of homework all at once. I've been busy finishing up my 1st semester and the counting down for exams has finally entered the single digits. Next week I have Math and Physics exams and I am busily cramming for them now. I hope I will do well, but I fear that my head has never been screwed on right to be a physics wiz, which is weird, because I have absolutely no problems with Math at all.

Even with all this going on I am getting back into the habit of writing again, even with a break of nearly a month due to computer trouble I've gotten of to a great start with False Dragon having written 30 pages in under a week and my instincts are telling me that I'll have time to get it done before Christmas.

Which brings us to the lovely subject of Christmas. I've already managed to give one gift to a faraway friend, who was so kind to help me with the graphics for this site. What surprised me was the surprise she showed upon getting a gift. I just wanted to show my appreciation and at a distance with only email as a means of interaction picking a book from Amazon for her was the best way to go. Anyway I have no idea, what I'll be getting my family this year with all the stuff buzzing around my head.

Oh, and don't count of seeing a shadow of me around the 20th of December :) I am traveling to a big cinema to catch Two Towers. Man I've been looking forward to this movie since last Christmas. It's a great present and we're (my pals and I) are making an event out of it.

7. December

Funny how life goes. Here I am, I should be concentrating on reading for my exams on Tuesday and Thursday and all I can do is suffer because of a very sore throat and a headful of snot. It's bloody annoying!!

Still I've gotten some stuff done. Now my stories are posted here as nicely formated PDF-files as well, which should be printable for a much nicer reading pleasure than plain HTML. I've also posted most of my current edited work on False Dragon over on for those who want an early bird view of it. It is still subject to change and I'll reupload the entire thing when I finish.

After waiting 4 months I finally got the Director's cut DVD version of the Xena final yesterday. It was great especially as I could just waste away in front of the TV and listen to Lucy, Reneé and Rob talk about the production of Xena. I am afraid that it did change my mind about Xena coming back from the dead, which I have done in my Darkness and Light series. The actresses pointed it out clearly: The Fans are ignoring the death of the 40.000. How could Xena have a life after learning what her actions caused? That is a problem I'll have to deal with in my next story True Tiger and if I write anything else for Xena that is Post-FIN. The DVD also did one more thing. It made me want to see more behind the scenes stuff on Xena. Expect me to save up and buy as many of the fanclub sets in the near future (although they're below Xena 5th season box 2 and Babylon 5 series 2 on my list of things I want on DVD. They'll probably be impulse buys, when I have the money for them). They all include behind the scenes stuff and interviews which I crave now.

12. December

Whew, that was a lot of stuff to get done in a short period of time. First I finished both my Math and Physics exams, which I hope I passed. Actually I am sure that I've passed Math, but Physics is on a knife's edge. All of that while still a little bit sick (I had a fever while taking the Math exam) and then I just on the spur of the moment go out and buy all of the christmass presents for this year in one go. But then again I had it all planned out so it was just a question of going around and getting it all.

I plan to write intensely over the next few days besides of course trying to get the ton of washing and cleaning done that has heaped up, while I've been studying for the exams. My order of LOTR tickets fell through so now I have to go at it again. I bet we're going to get really shitty seats. Oh, well at least I hadn't ordered any railroad tickets yet.

Meanwhile out there in the rest of the world a lot of stuff is happening. The EU is discussing the extension (and Turkey is making a nasty political end run to get in soon), Denmark's women are doing rather well in the European Handball and Curling Championships, while all I am worried about when I look around today the world news today is the fact that I am still not sensing any optimism in any economy or sector. I would be preparing for another couple of lean years before it gets better.

13. December

Man I am still so tired even if my cold should be getting out of my system. I am not getting enough done! Bloody annoying. At least my imagination is reawakening, but I still only got some editing done last night. I am currently in False Dragon in the part of the story where Gabrielle tries to find a quick and easy solution to the impending war, but I want to show that in opposition to regular war shown in Xena so far, in my wars there isn't just one simple solution. War drags on and sometimes from other places that the simple mind of a single man. Another hidden subject is Gabrielle's constant exposure to a male dominated society and finally on the fighting front I am planning to study the bigger Xena fight scenes, because I want to finally put the two heroines on equal standing in terms of combat efficiency even if I'll try to keep their fighting styles different. But more on that in Stepping into the Light the final episode of the series, which I guess will come out around March.

23. December

Whew, what a life. And yes I've been really busy...

My exams went great. I got 10 (B+) in both Math and Physics. That was a great surprise! My other courses are pass or fail type courses and yes I did pass them all. Now all there is between me and a complete success in my first semester would be to finish the semester project with a good grade to add on top of that.

Heh my writings are a bit less of a succes unfortunately. I seem to have a massive writer's block, which is just stupid considering I have so much time to write right now! I am smack in the middle of the 5th chapter of False Dragon and just plain stuck. I don't have any problems with the plot which I think is great. I don't have a lack of ideas or anything. I just don't have any drive right now. But then again that includes pretty much everything right now. I am like this sometimes. I just seem to go into a indefinite state a kind of holding pattern, where I have ideas and stuff to do but I barely want to get out of bed in the morning to do them. Then again I shouldn't be surprised I am on vacation and for some strange reason when one of my vacations begin I tend to go into these stupors so oh well...

The planned trip to go see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers went bad. We had it all planned in advance. Tickets reserved and transport arranged. Until I fucked up single digit on our tickets and we suddenly found ourselves standing on the station in Sønderborg with no train in sight, because it had left earlier. Stupid! Oh, well now I'm going to go see it on the 27th instead.

25. December

Merry Christmas!!!! Peace and Good Health to all who see this... Oh and yes I did get some nice gifts myself thank you the greatest being confirmation that my mother's health is perfectly fine. I have many things to be thankful for this Christmas and I hope you do too.

29. December

Whew, I am back. Or at least I finally managed to move past my writer's block. Now I can finally concentrate on getting things written again. How did I do it? I have no idea. I think it helped when I ran out of reasons to procrastinate over cleaning my apartment, washing my laundry and got those things done. Now it is all good again at least for a while. I've posted the fruits of my labor on already.

I just read an article on HT (hyperthreading) in the Pentium 4 chips and I think it is the first and meager step in the only direction personal computing can go. Scaling out in several cores or processors is the way to go. The MegaHertz idea has been stretched as far as it will go. Heat, power and general laws of physics are getting in the way. People don't want to have high power compressors installed into their PCs and they sure as hell don't want their lap burned by a laptop.

Nope the way to go here is out into several processors which are well connected. Intel and IBM are going the multiple core on a chip way, which has some merit, while AMD is getting things ready (Hypertransport) for making affordable SMP motherboards and chips. Of course the OS of the future will have to be able to handle such things from the get-go instead having functions for that locked away on some expensive server version of the OS (hint to Microsoft think about this in the future).

Still I can't help to think after the entire GPU/VPU industry growth that having some kind of reconfigurable functionality chips like a large FPGA with attached high speed memory and quick buses to the CPU might make for an interesting and flexible computer, if compilers could be make to generate some kind of VHDL or Verilog output from the most highly used or designated algorithms in a program. I don't know if latency in memory or buses kills this idea, but I still think it has some merit and possibility. Imagine having one of two of these things as PCI/AGP cards in your server to handle the hard part of some algorithm that your system handles again and again.