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November 2002

These entries were made in November 2002

3. November 2002

What a lazy couple of days I've had. I've managed to get absolutely nothing done. Well except writing the first three pages of "False Dragon" and I'll probably be redoing them during the week after I've recieved the first part of the 5th season of Xena currently coming my way courtesy of Blackstar. Maybe I am coming down with a cold, because I always feel like I have no energy right before I get sick.

I can feel that I'll have to finish the Darkness & the Light series soon. My creative impulses are getting a bit stir cracy, but I have sworn to myself that I will finish this project before embarking on a new one, so I will.

My story "Exodus" finally went up at the Royal Academy of Bards yesterday. I was getting a little worried about it. I send the first email early monday. I've gotten two good reviews over at I need that to keep such a monster story going.

I've been bowing to "peer pressure" alot this week. First I start using ICQ and AIM through Trillian on request of both my friends and school buddies. Then I finally after having the money to buy one for years go out and get myself a CD-Burner (Plextor Plexwriter x48/x48/x24) as well as a 512 MB block of DDR-RAM for my machine (bringing its grand total up to 1GB) just because everyone I know seems to have one and keep asking me why I don't. Now all I need is my still MIA SuSE Linux 8.1 and I swear if it disappoints me I'll get some other Linux on my main machine. I am tired of WinXP and not having control over my machine.

By the way if you want a fast, great and powerful browser with a good built-in pop-up window and other web annoyance blocking mechanism go get Phoenix

8. November 2002

Finally back in shape so to speak. I've had a strange week, feeling kind of under the weather and unwilling to do much work. Kind of fitting as I've been glued to the screen much of the time to watch the 1st part of Xena's 5th season on DVD followed immediately by Band of Brothers. Now I am eagerly awaiting the final batch of DVDs coming my way as both my Lord of the Ring Collector's box DVDs and my Star Wars Episode II are on their way to me now.

I am feeling a lot better about "False Dragon" than I did about "Exodus", which was strangely reduced mainly moving the plot along with only few good scenes to its benefit even if I am kind of proud of the mountain surfing scene and the climactic battle. Maybe I'll reedit it like I did with "First Steps" after I got into "Heritage".

I am busying myself alot with fact finding for "False Dragon" and as I've also now seen the last Chin episodes of Xena I feel like I can now write it. Funny how I've always managed to get the right inspirations from Xena for when I have to write the stories for it. It was never like this with Buffy. In fact I am even contemplating leaving an opening for a followup series to the Darkness and the Light. Mainly on the basis of stuff I thought up for the previous incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle seen in "First Steps" and a few sudden inspirations and thoughts on how Eli and the Angels act with Gabrielle in the Fallen Angel, Seeds of Faith and Heart of Darkness episodes of Xena. I also have a load that I intended as side plots for the Darkness and the Light, which I'll either not use or have Gabrielle tell as stories to listeners and flashback to.

I guess I'll spend the weekend messing about inside my machine getting my new hardware installed. Then after I've made CD backups of all vital material I'll begin my move over to SuSE Linux. I've not had Linux on my machine after I changed over to a new machine in September. I miss my Konqueror, KDE and the rest of the lot.

26. November

Where was the HELL was I??? Well I kind of blew up my PC's motherboard and CPU, when I mounted some DDR-RAM the wrong way (how I hear you ask upper body strength I guess). Well I kind of had to rework my machine and with a small bout of winter depression, writer's block (which depresses me just as much) and a cold on top of having to wait for the components (and almost weeping over losing so much money) so I first got it online today. Bummer huh!

So what else is new? Well as my Xena stuff was kind of stuck on the harddisks of my PC I went ahead and continued my preparations for the next story I am writing in English, getting so far that I actually began writing a little of the introduction and first chapters of the story. Now that I am back on this machine expect me charge ahead with the China part of the Darkness and the Light series. However don't expect it to be finished any time soon. I am already a month late, I have exams coming on and it is a much longer story on paper than any of the others so far (False Dragon and it's sibling to follow True Tiger are the central pieces of the series the climax if you will).

On the matter of school things are different now as well. We've finally gotten confirmation on our course plan for next semester and it is a little nuts. We'll be doing 2nd and most of 4th semester of the regular Electrical Engineer (IT) line and a semester project which depends heavily on a course that we don't get until third semester namely Digital Asic Design. That is kind of a problem and a bit of a challenge for all of us. Now I know I can get past it, but I am having some doubts about the rest of the ID class (IT-engineer with a Datamatician exam). I am getting the feeling that many of them will have trouble with the subject (I know I will and I only bitch and moan 1/10th of what they do*). I hope we won't be left with a class of 3 or 4 people by the end of 2nd semester, but we will see.