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October 2002

These entries were made in October 2002

31. October 2002

My DVDs finally made it here. I haven't been writing here as I had to watch the Babylon 5 first season. On the topic of my writing I am planning to begin writing "False Dragon" Saturday. I hope it will turn out better than Exodus, which hasn't been as well recieved as Heritage was.

27. October 2002

I think my finger are cooking or my keyboard is running hot. I've just hammered out nearly 20 pages today coupled with the 10 I wrote yesterday and I've finished the raw version of Exodus. Now all I need to do is edit it. I'll get that done some time the next few days.

26. October 2002

Life is strange. I often find myself going between extremes of emotion when I look at the world around me. I find myself thinking about what lives other people lead and if they ever take the time to think about life in general. Am I strange or is it the autumn that is giving me melancholy.

It is so tempting right now to set The Darkness And The Light aside for awhile and get into writing Kicking the Karma Habit (my upcoming sci-fi), but I am forcing myself not to do it, because I will hate myself for abandoning it and then it might take months before I get back to it. It's a problem because I am so in love with the more original series that I have in planning. It doesn't make it better that I really wished I could find the time to write some stuff in danish as well (I have a novel on backburner and a cool mystery series to follow). Oh, well there is always another day.

This would then be the final version of the design of my website... For now ;)

24. October 2002

So I've managed to get my site up and running. So far I'll maintain the weblog by hand as I am still finishing my application called OOWeb, which is to be used in creating this site.

The reason I am not done yet :) is that I am also writing a lot for "Exodus" and I also have school, which is a major priority. Add to that the fact that I am also GM for an RPG group and still try to get some work done for my old company and you can see why my schedule always read: BUSY.

Good news Blackstar just gave me a hint that they've shipped my Buffy 5th season and Babylon 5 1st season DVDs. Happy me. That does mean however that I am going to get a lot less done next week.

I booked next Friday and the Friday after that for work at my old company.