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3. April

I'm back... Well at least I am on the mend. All I have to do now is to get my nose to stop running and I'll be fine. I want to thank all the well wishers, who've been sending me kind mails. You know who you are and I love you all (three). As I've been sick I haven't been able to do much about Stepping into the Light yet, but I hope to get another chapter done this weekend although I might have some work that is more important that I have to do first.

Me and my buddy Martin (mostly him actually) have been really busy with our Lexical scanner and it seems that I got the final state table a few minutes ago. This means I can finally test and debug it. After that there is still a ton of working both on the project, the consulting job and regular school work waiting for me. If it wasn't so wonderful to be in good health I would almost be dreading the upcoming work load.

7. April

I am feeling fine. I feel so good that I am nearly singing while I write this (only nearly because I am so not into mobs battering down my door to kill me for doing violence to their ears). I am back in school, I don't seem to have missed much mostly because I wasn't behind in my classes to begin with. The semester project got a little delayed (I am trying to stomp out the last bug in the lexical scanner right now), but the consulting job I have is doing great and will have my undivided attention as soon as I finish the lexer. Yay me.

A commercial project that pays very well, a load of cash from my saved up vacation time when I worked and what looks to be a large sum of money coming from having paid a bit too high taxes last year. This all means that sometime soon I'll be very affluent. What will I be doing, when my hard earned mullah? Well first of all growing my DVD collection a little although how much has been decided yet although Babylon 5's 2nd season and Buffy's 6th are already on preorder. Then I will be getting myself a Sharp Zaurus PDA with a WLAN card, some flash memory and some software. Add to that a wireless enabled router and WLAN card for my laptop and I will be rid of pulling cables from my switch to my laptop. Funny thing is that I'm spending this wad of cash not because I want to, but because I need to. If I get too much money on my bank account my student status is temporarily revoked and my economy would suddenly collapse. So I am forced to consume to keep afloat. The social system of Denmark in a nut shell.

On the subject of Stepping into the Light there is very little news except that I plan to write in the evenings most of this week and I'll probably take some time away from the consulting project next week to write and spend time with my family throughout the easter vacation. But there is nothing new to post. Come back Sunday then I'll probably have a new chapter or two :)

13. April

So now my network is mostly wireless. What does it mean? That means that I today went outside and worked a little bit on my laptop then sent the work over my WLAN over to my PC for safe keeping. When I get a PDA with a WLAN card I probably use it a lot to sit in my sofa and browse, chat or email while watching TV. I need to update my site software a little to allow this, but that is a project for late August according to my current schedule (I am planning to do absolutely nothing but have fun after graduating this semester).

Now I know I am disappointing a lot of people by not bringing out more of Stepping into the Light, but I haven't got much time these last few days to work on it and as I am still without a beta, I am going a lot slower to make sure I don't make too many stupid mistakes. Mostly though the reason for the delay in putting more up on the site is that I just haven't had time to write. Now I expect to have between two and four days entirely without work over my easter holidays so I expect that I'll be able to reach well into the fourth maybe even the fifth chapter. I have everything completely ready up until chapter 7, there I still have to rewrite my outline a little and that looks like it'll actually extend my story to have up to twelve chapters putting Stepping into the range of False Dragon.

I am also getting closer to a decision about what I'll write after the series. I have decided it won't be a Xena based story, which however doesn't mean I'll never do one again (I have one or two good ideas left) and I've decided that I will be looking into doing some placed in the near past (meaning I will know about world events, current fashion, zeitgeist and electronic implements of the time) which is all well and good however I still can't decide on which of the very many ideas for a story I have I'll actually write.

The work on the commercial project is continuing at a breathtaking pace. I just finished the entire data structure complete with all the code needed to manipulate it. So now comes all the business and presentation logic, which is all pretty straightforward (actually the entire project is mostly without any huge logic bombs left to defuse although I am still looking at how to do video streaming). If I had either this project or my school project I would be having the time of my life, but with both of them having looming deadlines on the horizon we just need to work on them both at the exclusion of everything else (including most of my private life and my hobby of writing for my readers). So if I discover that I need to work faster my writing schedule will be slowed. It is secondary compared to the needs of my education and my financial situation.

23. April

Where was I? Well, my long silence hasn't been voluntary. I had the unfortunate experience of having my web connection cancelled due to a misunderstanding between my bank and my ISP. So I've been unable to put out all I've written for Stepping into the Light. Other things have imposed themselves between me and working on my projects during the Easter vacations and with exams fast approaching I must admit that I'm feeling a bit stressed. As things look right now I've finished chapter 1 and 2 of Stepping into the Light. They've been posted with this update. In fact Stepping looks like it'll be about the length of False Dragon. This is however without a doubt the last update on Stepping into the Light I'll be posting for a while as I simply have too much on my plate right now to spend more than a couple of hours writing each week. Still I expect to finish it late June or maybe early July as my summer vacation begins.

In other news I just received my Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets copy and while it is the weakest of the HP series in terms of content the acting and action was a lot better than the first one. I for one hope the kids playing the characters right now stick with the movies as long as they're able. I just love continuity. I've finally bowed to peer pressure (yeah you Karen) and went out on Amazon to buy a copy of the upcoming fifth HP book (my first in English) at around 9 pounds (half price) total which is really cheap compared to the length of the book. I'm looking forward to it, but I am looking even more forward to receiving the 2nd season of Babylon 5 on DVD. It'll be so great to watch that the entire season as often and as much as I've found time for.

My wireless network is also allowing me all sorts of fun like streaming Ogg and MP3 to my laptop while I set outside, enjoying the sunny weather and working. This wireless stuff is really fun and I am getting some ideas on what purpose you could use it for if only it was easier to access the hardware (to shift it into Peer to Peer mode, get information on its configuration and the like).

Over Easter I got my copy of Band of Brothers back and I've been watching the episodes back to back for some TV relaxation (outside of CSI and Alias there really isn't anything worth watching these days). Funny thing about Band of Brothers is that it inspires me to tell stories just as much as Xena does, but strangely I don't feel like writing about Band of Brothers no it is a thousand other stories that nag at my conciousness.

29. April

Well making an ALU in software doing binary logic is actually harder than you'd think. I learned that today, when I had to tear the one I had been making apart and start over not once but twice. At least I am now at a good point for finishing it at some point. Which won't be tomorrow because tomorrow I'll be celebrating my mother's 50th birthday. We are holding a big party in June for both my mother and father, but tomorrrow it'll just me, her and my father. I'll cook dinner and enjoy my mother's company. I don't think I'll be seeing my sister, my niece or her husband there, but you never know.

As I was waiting for my pizza to arrive I just hammered out 4 pages of Stepping into the Light, which means I'll probably be posting a chapter sometime this weekend. Stepping into the Light is being very well received so far and I am looking forward to seeing people's reactions, when they find out what I am up to this time and why. A lot of those who've read the first few chapters are actually clamoring for a continuation already and I've haven't even begun building the plot yet (most of that happens in the 3rd, 4th and 5th chapters).