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3. January

I am as happy as a clam. My corner of the world is covered in snow and the temperature is frosty. For those of you just coming by I love cold weather.

I've begun school again and oh does it do me well to be back doing things I must say.

Now unfortunately that meant I couldn't go visit my parents as I usually do every Friday, because I wanted to stay at home and get some documentation done. That looks like it will take me today and tomorrow with Sunday reserved for some writing and relaxation (probably rewatching the Fellowship of the Ring special edition). The reason I am so busy is that we have to be ready for testing our system Monday. So there.

Oh, and anyone interested in my Xena fanfiction on can go read the sixth chapter of False Dragon that has just been posted now.

My friend Karen just put up a new design on her log and while I love the flower I think the design is way too pale for my taste. I had to strain to read the text and I hate that. But I won't despair, because I know that soon she'll come up with a new design and everything will change again :)

9. January

Whew. It is done. Yesterday at a little past 1600 we dropped of the finished report our project. Now the temperature measurement system didn't work perfectly due to an issue between my DLL and Labview, but it did work well enough for us to drop any further work due to time issues. The exam is focused on the report and success or failure is just something you report on. Next semester will be alot more fun though.

I'm in the middle of the 8th chapter of False Dragon and it is going quite well. A generous and nice soul from Australia has offered to work with me, helping me with my english and give me some editing advice. I hope it will give me another perspective on my stories and enhance my writings in the future.

Speaking of the future. I think I'll have to decide what genre I want my next original story placed in. The problem is that I have four possible stories each set in a different genre. Each of them are what I consider to be worthwhile material and each are also the beginning of both longer or shorter series. Damn it my imagination is just too hyperactive! And I can't jump between stories, my mind just isn't wired for that. I work like a bulldozer attacking a single problem until it is solved.

Any way I think I should rewatch some movies. I had a slight feeling of disappointment watching both Harry Potter 2 the Two Towers, but after I rewatched them this week I realize that I was probably either stressed or depressed the last time I saw them, because I liked them alot better the second time around...

For the first time ever I am disappointed with my DVD supplier Blackstar. I should have received my Stargate 2nd season box set last week, we're nearing the end of the second week of January and it hasn't been shipped. The damn thing is preordered so what is the damn hold up?

15. January

Two days until my last exam of the semester (and another two weeks until the next one begins). Only I won't have any time off, because I am on a special workshop to learn about drilling, soldering and other skills that an electronic engineer should know. I am fine with that, even as most of the others who are going are moaning a lot about it. I don't care even if my socalled friends ;) are teasing me that they'll have an ambulance standing by the second I get near the tools. I might be clumsy so times, but they tend to forget that I worked for half a year in the chemistry labs in Odense and I never even got close to having an accident.

On another happy note I just finished False Dragon :) It should be showing up in the regular places where I usually post my stuff, but since you're here anyway just grab the HTML or PDF right here :)

And to prove that I really am scary, you can find a picture of my ugly mug here.

18. January

Just a brief stop here to tell some notable news...

I've passed my final exam for the semester with a C. Oh well I will do better next time (I want at least an A before finishing my engineering studies).

As a lot have been visiting my site looking for True Tiger updates already (I am so happy) I can say that I am probably gonna send the first chapter off to my beta editor Monday evening.

I expect True Tiger to be finished before February is over, unless I decide to participate in the Clonefic contest over on MaryD's site. Then it will probably show up in early March.

The entire series should be done soon because I am honestly itching to go write something else (yes, something original... in english).

20. January

Damn it my head aches. I began the special course in soldering and general labwork today and I managed to get a massive full on headache from the fumes (they haven't gotten the ventilation hooked up yet because of some other work going on).

Still I had a lot of fun. First we trained on small prints and different types of components, before we assembled our very own multimeter. That didn't suck especially because mine worked the first time around :)

I won't be writing today because of that and I think that is a good idea, because I've found out that I had fucked up the plot for True Tiger in my manuscript and it needs some research into the Japanese Mythology of death as well as me making some decisions before I can go on...

26. January

How great is this? I was sitting staring blindly at the beginning of True Tiger not getting much done. I was stcuk, because it seemed like no one really liked False Dragon in spite of all my hard work. I was also having difficulties with the plot and was probably on the way to another week long writer's block and boom all of a sudden I get two great reviews in my inbox. Suddenly I find myself smiling happily and begin to take to heart the tips of the people that read my stuff. How great is that :) While I write no matter what people think of my stuff good or bad, as it should be. Sometimes it just feels great to have someone come out and say it. And this time it struck right when I needed it. Now I'll go see about giving my readers what some of them have been clamoring for...

31. January

Finally the workshop course is over. Did I learn a lot? Hell yes! Am I bonetired? Even more so. These two weeks have been hard and I haven't gotten to write half as much as I'd like. I've finished my studies of Japanese mythology and have begun using that for True Tiger and that probably means I am going to pick up the pace a bit. I've also gotten my stories listed on Ausxip, which will hopefully widen my impact a bit more.

I'll have to thank readers from all over the world for their support in this nearly herculean task of writing a massive series such as the Light and the Darkness. It is currently around 150000 words in total and will probably end up around 200000 when I'm done with the two final parts in March or early April. The thanks and support you send often makes me pick up pace or work even harder to make my stuff worthy of reading at all (I usually hate my own stories finding them weak or badly written).

I just learned that my last set of Xena DVDs have shipped. YAY! My collection is finally complete (imagine a big dane dancing before his computer then laugh).

Oh and we got the greatest news today. One of our teachers for the next semester told, while I was measuring the errors on my print that we might be making a software CPU simulator in C/C++ instead of a hardware solution in VHDL, because they realized that our special class get the education in that language next semester and thus they would be making it nearly impossible to finish our project. The project will still be hard enough but at least now we have a fair chance of finishing it (we are making our own compiler as well).