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1. July

Heh no sooner do I find to write, then bing instantly happier and more relaxed Mikael. It is just so typically me that I have to do that. For weeks I have been feeling antsy and aggressive. Not even roleplaying games or my fascination with the computer game Planetside could make me entirely happy. Now I am in the middle of writing and I am as happy as a clam. One day I hope I am able to live on my writing because I am seriously so much happier creating than I am doing anything else. It is right there on the same level as creating an exciting new piece of software and even better the reality is just as good as the idea, which is never how it is with writing software.

Does this mean I have something for you guys (and girls)? Yes it does. With this post I have also uploaded an entire new chapter of Stepping into the Light (it has also been sent to And I am pressing ahead with the 6th chapter which is closely connected to the 5th and it will either end with or set up the climax and true intent of Stepping. Then it is just about writing the ending (which is still in flux except the final scene). Ah, but that is not all I am posting no I have taken the time to put out reedited (only minor stuff) versions of all the other stories in the series both as HTML and PDF of course. I'll hopefully show up tomorrow with another chapter.

2. July

My nice little plan to write the rest of Stepping into the Light has suffered a serious setback. I had forgotten about the time scheduled for working on the other software project that I am doing for money and I hadn't calculated on having to redo my exam project. So now I have to choose to either not spend time with my friends next week at the convention or not go on vacation with my family. Now all who know me well, will realize that is just two things that won't happen. I will still write, but less than expected. This means I will probably finish another chapter this week (or early next week). Maybe I'll write a little while away with my family. However I won't be able to update again after this friday until the last week of July as I'll be away from any net connection. Now I know this is a minor disaster compared to what I promised this weekend, but I had completely forgotten about the other project as I had scheduled time to work on it in August (which I don't have anymore). All in all it pushes back the completion date a little, which is bad I know, but take it as an exercise in patience. And I will complete the story in the end (hint: the ending in flux thing I commented on recently has been resolved).

Ah, well I am still in an upbeat mood. Which is why I am posting something I promised last week. I have had the time to take some bad pictures of my apartment and surroundings and I have posted them here.

By the way one of the reasons aside from having my vacation for being happy is probably the absolutely brilliant music I am listening too. During my exam time, when I didn't update the site, I got my copy of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief and it is very good (better than Amnesiac and Kid A in my opinion) as well as the latest White Stripes album and two CDs by Sarah McLachlan. But what really knocked my socks off was the album: Fallen by Evanescence. The way Amy Lee's voice soars above the instruments. The way the quality and heartfelt emotions of the songs touches on some of my own philosophy. It all makes it the best album I have heard since I laid me hands on Radiohead's OK Computer.