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4. June

Okay I have now passed all my exams and all I have to do now is finish the software project. But damn I have been feeling tired these last two days. I've had my last oral exam Monday and while I feel I did well enough I have been running around like cracy these last two weeks. My apartment needed a major cleaning as well and so I first got around to programming and writing today. Finally I can go back to splitting my time between working on my project by day and writing Stepping into the Light at night. I know a lot of people have probably lost patience with me, but I'll get it done.

And after the 26th of June there is finally time for my long needed vacation... An entire month or more where I have only fun activities planned (including writing of course). This summer I'll finally be able to attend the yearly convention arranged by the club I've been a part of since I was 12. Work and other stuff has prevented me from attending these last 6 years. Which sometimes lead to funny scene when I show up, because a lot of the club members only show up for that single convention and have no idea why all the regulars they know treat me with deferrence (I am the one of the three most veteran members and my roleplaying campaigns are the stuff of club legends). Then I'll go right from the convention to the Northern part of Sjælland to stay in a vacation home with my entire family for a week. I don't plan staying with my parents or sister all the time. Instead I hope to have one or two days for myself in Copenhagen to shop and visit all those museums I couldn't appreciate when I saw them last. Hopefully we'll get to see that part of our extended family that lives over there a bit too. All in all it will be a godd time I'm sure.

I just got the 2nd season of Dark Angel on DVD. I had forgotten how much that sucked. Dark Angel is really a prime example of a cool concept ruined by lack of planning and foresight. Compared to the joy of rewatching the 2nd season of Babylon 5 Dark Angel comes across as a rather weak show.

27. June

I know it has been ages since I've updated anything here. Now there is a story here. You see I originally planned to write my software project together with a guy from school. Now that guy decided to drop out and restart his education, leaving me to finish a project that takes at least two or more guys to finish in time. At first he promised to help me all he could... And I believed that. But that wasn't to be. Instead I was left to finish the project alone. Which I failed to do. That is the entire reason I have neither updated nor written for Stepping into the Light. I now have to finish the project in the time I had hoped to use as my first real vacation in ages, but that wasn't to be. No instead I have to squeeze finish the project into my plans, which means a lot of REALLY!!!! important things have to be delayed including my hope of a stress free summer for the first time in at least 3 years. Needless to say I don't consider that guy a friend any longer and I feel I will never be able to trust him again with anything.

Now I know these are all sour grapes and you're probably only here looking to see if I am posting a new chapter of Stepping into the Light. I am not, but I have decided that Stepping is my foremost priority this next week. If I am able to work concentrated every day (shouldn't be a problem) then I should have the entire thing finished by next Friday at least that is my hope. I feel I owe it to myself and all my readers to finally finish my series and move on.

Even fewer will be interested to know that I expect to post pictures of my apartment over the weekend. This is done to give certain friends of mine insight into my life and hopefully make it slightly easier to relate to some of my comments.

By the way I got the 5th Harry Potter via Amazon in UK this tuesday and finished it in one go Wednesday. 4 hours of reading later I must say my faith in J.K. Rowling as an author is greater than ever. Although a bit heavy handed with some emotions the book is very much the first really teenager part of HP in my opinion. So much of that book is perfectly teenager like with all its angst, anger, girlfriend trouble, deeping of certain characters and the typical discovery that the world certainly isn't as black or white as one felt when one was younger. In many ways Rowling manages to lift Harry up to a much more fitting place for the lead protagonist of her story than he has been in any book before and on the way we get a much better look at Hermione which seems to have a much bigger role in the 5th book than Ron, as she acts as Harry's guide and the wise but still brave 2nd in command for many of their ploys. Finally we see Harry and Ron really using magic and we get the feeling that they will amount to something great, maybe even something greater than their parents (especially after for me harrowing look at how Harry's dad was a true asshole and so very different from Harry, a fact that Snape really needs to understand). All in all I consider it a good book if not as engaging to me as a book from David Eddings or J.R.R. Tolkien but that is just personal taste and preference not a diss on the Harry Potter world and its followers.

30. June

Happy Birthday! Well to me anyway. I am now all of 26 years old :)

Now I know a couple of you are expecting an update of Stepping into the Light, but as I am currently partying and treating myself to a little movie and goodies you'll have to wait for chapter 5 until tomorrow evening.