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1. March

Finally a couple of days with nothing important on my plan. I have the freedom to sleep in, write until I must go to bed and maybe even catch a couple of movies. Life in general is fine, even if I've been a little worried about my sister, who has been very sick (even having to visit the hospital), but she claims to feel better.

We are getting closer to the compiler creation phase of our semester project probably starting next week with handwriting a lexical scanner instead of generating it using Lex or something like that (we're also going to be writing our own recursive descent parser later on). That is in combination with a whole lot of stuff needing to be finished for the Virtual CPU simulator as well.

I just read about the first announcements on the LOTR: Two Towers Extended version and it sounds just killer (having 150 fx-shots more in opposition to the 35 added to Fellowship). There is news that there is going to be a Return of the King trailer in May or June. I am so going to own the entire Lord of the Rings on DVD just like I already do in book form. Fun too is the rumor that Hayao Miyazaki is going to work with Pixar on a movie.

True Tiger has just gotten revisions done for its fourth chapter (Thank you Karen!) and I am in middle of writing the fifth one.

2. March

What a relaxing couple of days. I've managed to chat with some like minded danes :) I've written something close to 10 pages on True Tiger (most of it posted with this update). And I've even finally managed to get a few things done with regards to the compiler's lexical scanner.

4. March

Whew you go along thinking you've gotten everything planned and then life explodes around you. I got and took an offer for some consultant work for a local school and I took it as I need the money. This means that progress on True Tiger will slow down, as I'll have to spend considerable amounts of time on this project to get the main part of it up and running before the middle of May. Any way I haven't gotten too much positive response on it which I kind of expected since I am kind of out of my depth when it comes to Xena's mindset at times, but I'll press on and soon I'll hopefully have a finished story and be able to take a short break from the Darkness and the Light to deal with this project and all the others (probably only writing a couple of lines a week until after our deadline). Why do I say us and our well. I am not alone in this project one of my study buddies is also along for the ride. I hope he can handle it.

Oh and on the same day as we made the first steps towards a deal, we also made arrangements with our old school to swing by and give a short lecture on embedded programming and life as a IT-engineer student.

I am a little proud right now because I've managed to write a simple yet general lexical scanner with a state machine defined by an XML grammar, so when we need to make our compiler, we just have to write an XML document to define large parts of the language.

9. March

What a couple of days. I am at the beginning of a major project, in the middle of a major school one and nearing the end of True Tiger. However it seems my betas have gone missing. Majorly annoying but we'll see how things work out. I don't have any thing new for True Tiger yet, but maybe there'll be an update tomorrow depending on how much I can focus on it today.

Yesterday I spent the entire day roleplaying with my buddies. Just once in a while it is nice to wind down with my friends in the weekends. Usually that means that we meet around 1600 and play some kind of RPG until the wee morning hours and the remainder of the weekend is used to recover from the lack of sleep (and since I am the gamemaster my voice is usually very raw on a Sunday). Yesterday we began what could turn out to be a really fun fantasy campaign if everything works.

I managed to finish another chapter of True Tiger and I've posted it in the fiction section.

12. March

Just a small late night update. Hot of the presses I've posted another chapter of True Tiger.

Otherwise everything is just peachy. I am in good health physical and mental. I am kind of hyper these days because my life is currently working really well. Okay so I have to clean my apartment over the weekend and my diet isn't all that healthy, but my writing of both stories and software is doing great as is school even if there is a distinct lack of spirit in many of my comrades (others are hyper like me). I guess spring comes to some people even those who prefer winter (but then again the spring is still cold so me=happy).

If I don't get caught up in other stuff I am pretty sure that I'll be finishing True Tiger over the weekend, which means that the final version will come out rather soon...

15. March

Party time!!! Or so to speak. In a few moments I'll sign off and sit down to eat dinner at 22:00. I am that late, because I've been working real hard to get True Tiger finished. It isn't in it's ultimate end state yet, because I am still missing the beta corrections for a few chapters, but since every site but two are just linking to my stories, the plan now is to declare the availability of True Tiger to the world some time tomorrow, which means it'll probably show up on the different indexes some time soon. Now I'll go enjoy a pizza and the last of DVDs of my brand spanking new Dark Angel season one box set.

17. March

Tada! I am back in the saddle and working hard on some school stuff after focusing on getting True Tiger done within the two month deadline I usually give myself. Life is good and full of work. I am doing the first run on that CPU simulator we have to have a bare bones version ready for next Tuesday. Hence there will be little to no writing on my part at least until the weekend. Which is not bad at all anyway, because after finishing a story my brain is usually toast for a week then I am usually ready to continue working with stories again.

Now True Tiger has been well received by my beta and those who bothered to read it while I was working on it, but there has been some minor snatches in getting it listed so I don't know how well it'll do in widespread distribution (so to speak ;) Anyway I am currently fleshing out the plot for Stepping into the Light (right now as a matter of fact).

As for more regular nerd news I have been testing the new XFree 4.3.0 and KDE 3.1 and can I just say that whoever says Linux isn't ready blah, blah... just haven't used it or are reduced to some little nit pick. Personally I think it is easy in a state somewhere between Win98 and WinXP in its abilities as a desktop right now (and it is gonna be a market leader after we get the new 2.6.x kernel into our hands). It'll never be the same as Windows, but why should it be? Right now I feel amputated because I don't have Konqueror and Bash here on my Windows partition, as most of my computing needs aren't for gaming there is only two reasons left that I still have Windows around. I use Word for writing my fiction (none of the Linux tools has its polish and abilities) and I have to use IE to access my homebanking solution. That's it. And I can tell you that as soon as I get my homebanking to work, Windows and Office will be leaving my harddrives because of all the holes intentional or not that exists in the Windows platform.

Now however I am off to relax to the 2nd half of 3rd season of Xena as I am finally moving forward with my Xena marathon (in which I view every single episode even the horrible ones).

18. March

I am psyched right now. I've been getting the first reviews of True Tiger from my readers and people like it. That can also be seen in the high amount of traffic that my site is seeing yesterday and today. Usually there is a three day spike for each archive my story is posted on. I'll be sending a copy for storage on the royal academy soon and then I'll have given my best in getting people to read my stuff until the next one is finished.

Now tomorrow I'll be doing something fun as well. I am going back to the vocational school where I originally learned to program and give a small promotional speech about the University and the special education set up for people with that education. We'll (Martin and me) also be giving a peek inside the kind of things we work with, focusing specifically on embedded programming in C using the Keil compiler with a 8051 type processor target.

22. March

Well the entire promotion thing went great and I had a lot of fun meeting both old and new teacher as well as their students. To my amazement the 4th semester class actually had women in it! That would have been headline news back in the day, when I went there because out of the 34 that started in my class we had only 2 women and only 1 actually finished. I hope its a sign that more women are getting into IT, because sometimes I think there is a need for a female perspective in the software world. I have worked with one very gifted female software designer/project leader back when I was working and I still think she was the most competent person at that entire company.

I've had even more fun dealing with the release of True Tiger to the world. My logs currently show my site getting hits about once every 3 minutes (but that is just right now it'll die down again in a few days). I'm so humbled by the fact that I've had around 172 unique hits on True Tiger alone up until yesterday and that's not counting the 50 or so people who have read the story on And that was before the storm of hits I'm getting today. Now I am slowly starting to write the last part of the series because of this, but since my great friend and beta Karen currently has asked me to hold off on sending my stories to her (mostly because of the strain on her eyes from staring at a monitor) I'll be looking for a couple of temporary betas in a few weeks when the first chapters start to come out. It might be that I'll post raw edits like I did with True Tiger for those, who want to read the rough cut versions of my story (mostly due to impatience another thing that amazes me). That might happen already this weekend as I am feeling inspired by the beautiful weather.

Have you noticed that I haven't posted anything about the new gulf war? Well honestly I could write a whole story about my opinion. But as my government has proven by going against the public opinion and joined the US in its illegal aggression against an admittedly dictorial but still legit Iraqi government nobody cares about the opinion of their population until an election comes along. I fear that this will have far reaching consequences for us all. I hope that nobody dies. But they will. I won't pray or ask anybody else to because I am an atheist and the only ones that can stop the killing is the same humans who started it. Not some religious icon or prayer to something that doesn't exist.

25. March

I just passed a major milestone in my semester project as I've completed the system loader, which cleverly takes in a text definition of a system and from that and a set of plugins in a code archive and creates the circuit to simulate dynamically. I am having so much fun with that especially as we only need to make technical documentation for this project instead of a full on complete report with all that it entails of paper work and diagram drawing (which is always a pain).

As for those eagerly awaiting an update on the entire fiction situation let me just say that I am currently making headway with Stepping into the Light, but since it is the last story in the series I want it to be really special and so I'm sensing a need for me to rewrite my current outline for the last two chapters to add a bit more suspense and get the point across that I've been trying to get across ever since starting this series. A happy note from me is that from the current count by midnight I've had around 500 people that wanted to read True Tiger or have at least downloaded it. I don't know how many threw their hands up in disgust later on and walked away but that is my current total. YEAH BABY!!!! :D

29. March

There is no new chapter coming out of Stepping into the Light this weekend because I have caught the flu. I am currently not able to write any thing meaningful and probably won't be back for a couple of days.

31. March

I am still feeling like shit, but I've managed to put out a couple of pages for Stepping into the Light anyhow. I don't expect them to be great and I'll probably rewrite them later on, but I think they're good enough even without any betaing to put up now. I'll concentrate on getting better for a while, but I should be back in a few days with either news or more of Stepping into the Light.