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26. January

So a lot of news in my life. I've managed to find a good final project and my writer's block (due to stress I've learned) is over. I am writing happily again and while I am not entirely satisfied with all my output I am doing fine. I have begun a couple of short stories and I am currently finishing up Stepping Into The Light as well.

Today I had my first day of a week long special course on CAM systems allowing me to take a model constructed in Unigraphix NX 2 and have it manufactured on a CNC bench. So far it is fun and looks like it won't be as much of a bother as last years special course on electronics construction. Still I maintain that there is absolutely no reason for IT engineers to take the course as we will be writing such software in the future not using it ourselves.

The other most important thing that has happened in my life since Christmas is that me and some friends have decided that we want to make our own 3D graphical game engine and make a game with it. Yup, just like that. It sounds crazy and it is going to be our project for a couple of years, but in the end I think it will make and especially my more inexperienced friends much better programmers. Also it is one of the last branches of IT I have yet to write a big piece of software for. I have already had some insights though on the subject of game engines and my past experiences. It seems that a lot of the same basic problems of fast data and code access in program are deeply important for a game as it is for a massively scalable enterprise application. The solutions are very different but the problem space and paths of thought are actually close.

Now I will go back to constructing the Exalted RPG website that I am bringing up to allow my gaming team some online information reference.