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22. May 2006

Bada-bing I am back. Let's see what has been going on. Oh yeah, gardening. You have to understand that my move to a new house last year seems to be slowly converting me to actually like doing my gardening. While I HATE weeds with a passion, I seem to have developed an almost obsession with the thought of making my back lawn all pretty and weed free.

What else has been going on? TONS and TONS of stuff finally. I just got a month long internship agreement to give me more experience with embedded software. I am applying for several local jobs. I am considering starting my own company as it seems I have the ideas and further products for several forms or rather incarnations of the systems I have developed in the past. I want to combine them, give them an AJAX interface, offer them as Portlets and as Webservices. Combined with the solid language and country abstraction I am used to creating systems with I am more than just a little sure that this could sell both here in DK and outside. The funny things is that once I actually got going the ideas for this system just blew through me and I quickly had to stop myself before I had made more work than useful for me. Anyway I am considering making it into a business by developing the software in my spare time together with my new ally my brother-in-law and see if we can sell something before actually jumping in and starting a company.

Oh, but that is still not all of it. I have a new obsession :) well a little new obsession. As my regular TV season is ending, I was a few weeks ago looking for something to watch instead of my weekly dosage of Veronica Mars and the like. I noticed a recommendation from one of the websites I usually read about TV that there was a new series of Doctor Who. Now I had heard and read a few vague things about the show, but all I knew off it was old memories of very varied quality stuff that I saw back in the early 80s and a few reruns on the European versions of Sci-fi Channel. I barely remembered about the TARDIS and the Doctor. But as that is how I am, I headed online, grabbed the first ep of the series of the net. Watched it, loved it and was totally hooked. I think that within a few hours I had read several hundred pages on the new show and ordered the DVD boxset of the first season of the new series. Now I am watching the show's second season via download at least until sometime in November when I will pay for my downloads by grabbing the next boxset. Now the actual box set is of excellent quality. It is a clean copy with both good sound, excellent extra material with behind the scenes footage, documentaries and even better commentary tracks on all episodes. Bing! That is the sound of me adding yet another series to the short list of stuff I love. Any I am off until next time when ever it is.

Note I might write soon I might not. This site is mainly my web and mailhotel. Anything else written here is incidental ;)