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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Here the index of Buffy fanfiction I have written:

Dead And Reborn

1st part of the Seraph series

Set in the second and third seasons. Facing another vampire threat shouldn't have been a problem for Buffy. But fate, chance and a misinterpreted prophetic vision of her true love leads Buffy to her death. Can the Scoobies survive that fatal blow and what about the new slayer? And what happens when Spike returns hell bent on becoming as powerful as the Master.

Never Ever

2nd part of the Seraph series

Set in the fourth season. In the aftermath of the defeat of the Mayor and the death of Wendy the forces of good once more need help from up above. The Scoobies nearly scatter but choose instead to move their lives out of Sunnydale now under the protection of two slayers. But is LA safer? Will Buffy return and what is her true destiny? Is she willing to reunite with her friends and Angel before the forces of evil call down the apocalypse.

Going Home Through A Starry Mirror[PDF]

1st part of the Buffy Carter series

Set after the final season of Buffy this is a crossover with the Stargate universe and is by far my most succesfull and massive fanfiction undertaking to date. It covers years of Buffy's life as she is dragged into the Stargate Universe and somehow comes to live as the adopted daughter of Samantha Carter. There is both powerful drama, whimsy and a good load of action as Buffy the girl tries lives to rediscover who Buffy the Vampire Slayer was and who her new life is shaping her into becoming.


2nd part of the Buffy Carter series

Buffy Summers has changed and grown during her life in the Stargate universe. She is content for lack of a better term. However the Replicators have invaded her galaxy led by someone looking and sounding like her adopted mom. Meanwhile across the multiverse the Scoobies have finally caught on the tricks of the Powers That Be and are coming to get their Buffy home. Now Buffy has to decide. Where does she belong?