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Original fiction

The way I began writing at all is kind of quirky actually.

I was never told by any of my teachers in neither Danish nor English about creative writing or how to write well at all. Most of my education was in using correct grammar and spelling as well as a lot of very boring text interpretation. And as I hated text interpretation and I felt both my grammar and spelling were just fine, I got low grades from my danish teachers in particular.

Funny thing is that I've actually always liked to both read and write. I can say without lying that I consumed entire sections of the public library by the time I was 16. And I have the word of a great many people that I am a creative person.

The only one who ever got close to seeing any of my creative energy was one of my danish teachers, who had me read my only poem ever to the class and actually prophesized that I would work with languages one day.

She was right even as I was as I said I would become an engineer, but it is my hope that I can be both author and engineer.

Anyway to cut a long story short one day in my last year of Gymnasium in a Religion class (mandatory in Denmark and it is not about Christianity) three of us student sitting side by side got bored and bet each other that we could have a fictional story done by a date somewhat after Christmas.

Not one to back down from a bet like that, I wrote a 13 pages long sci-fi story. It wasn't very good, but it still was the first creative thing that I did on my own and I've never looked back since then.

Over the course of the years I haven't really written as much as I wanted because I spent a lot of my time making up adventures for my weekly roleplaying sessions, studying either for school or to improve my job skills, but I still managed to write a few things, one of which I've posted here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why Buffy?

I still remember the exact moment when I first saw Buffy on TV.

I had seen the movie years before and remembered thinking that the idea had been cute, but that the campy humor had really ruined it for me.

So that Saturday afternoon in September as one of my friend and I was about to play some RPG I turned on the TV anyway and saw the Welcome To Hellmouth/Harvest double feature. I was blown away. The show was intelligently written, witty and the actors could act.

I began taping it regularly and kept doing so until recently when I got too disgusted with the Buffy-Spike arc and instead opted to catch the show, when it came out on DVD. Still I was there for all the great moments that will become just as much TV history as Star Trek.

Buffy is the human hero to me. I feel for her tragedy and especially in the early years as she struggled heavily with her role and love life I loved the show like no other. There were and is story arcs that I love and I've felt since Joss Whedon distanced himself from Buffy by Season Four that the quality of the show has dropped and become too soap like for me.

Still I ran an entire roleplaying campaign based on Buffy and wrote several fanfictions two of which I consider good enough to post here.

Xena Warrior Princess

My Xena fandom is a more recent thing.

I did watch Xena and Hercules from the beginning originally in German and I must admit that both shows were on my watch list for a long while, but the confusing schedule kept by both the German and Danish channel as well as the fact they took ages to begin showing anything beyond the third season ruined Xena for me.

Still I fondly remembered seeing the first Xena episode: "Sins of the Past" just a day after the German showed the Hercules episodes telling about Xena's turn to good.

I was hooked after watching: "Hooves and Harlots" and "The Prodigal". I could never identify with Xena, but Gabrielle and her slow development from farm girl to bard with a stick fascinated me. While I later became bothered that it took so long (2nd to 4th seasons to be exact) for Gabrielle to become a better fighter I can now in hindsight see the very human development curve of Gabrielle.

Any way I kind of drifted away from Xena after what I thought was Gabrielle's death at the end of 3rd season and only caught glimpses here and there after that made no sense as I didn't get the context. Seeing first a short haired Gabrielle, then Xena and Gabrielle in heaven and then a pregnant Xena turning an army into stone without seeing more than a few minutes of each episode will confuse anyone.

I abandoned the show. And so I was blissfully unaware of the Xenaverse until the 1st of July 2002. I had just gotten up after celebrating my birthday with my buddies. I was in the middle of the heaviest time in a software project, my life was a mess because I had to move and start a new education soon. And somehow I remembered talking to one of my friends about needing something to watch on TV that I could see night after night for a while to steady me. I had a lot of money lying around and decided to jump online and look for some DVD collection of a TV show to look through.

Blackstar, my supplier of Buffy Season DVDs showed that Xena's 1st, 2nd, half of 3rd and entire 6th season was out on DVD. I fondly recalled both funny and sad stuff from the show and decided that it might be diverse enough to handle my cravings for entertainment. Still I was careful as it is an expensive investment to buy several seasons of a TV show so I researched it.

Curious as I am I found Whoosh in a Google search and looked over description of all the episodes. There I was astounded to find that not only was Xena no longer in production, but it had been finished with a grand and controversial final a year earlier.

A few hours later I had ordered every DVD released so far and a few days later the series of events continued as I went down with a cold just as all my DVDs arrived.

A few days more and a weekend later I was a xena fanatic. I put all the remaining DVD that I could in preorder and sat down to watch the final.

After a month of being plagued by creative impulses my writer instincts suddenly took over and I simply had to write some Xena fanfiction.

I consider it some of my best work in english and I have posted it here.

Birds of Prey[PDF]

The last of my fanfiction fascinations was again a weird one and born out of frustration again. I strangely never felt the need to write fanfiction for stuff like Babylon 5 or the 4400 which are shows I love too. But the Birds of Prey show was different. I heard about it back when it first aired and all reviews agreed that it sucked. I was disappointed because the early buzz had sounded great, but a number of issues were against the show from the beginning like money as the show was taped in LA instead of Vancouver as earlier planned, like casting and like bad writing. I didn't think about it again until I caught it again on German TV and saw potential. I was saddened by what could have been and for a short while I was obsessed. I wrote like a mad man and the story that came out of it turned out to be the best work I've done yet both in Danish and English. I named it Bonds [PDF]. Bonds is the story of how I envisioned the characters in the show would have been and should have been (yes, a bit arrogant I know) if they had come together a bit differently. I also tied it closer to the DC Comics Universe another flaw in the original series.