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Places to go:

Here the index of the many places I like to go out here in the World wide web.

Software places:

The Apache XML project
Apache's site for main Java and C++ programs for XML manipulation.

The Apache Jakarta project
Apache's site for server side Java programs and architectures.

KDE Project home
The KDE desktop project's main site. This is my Linux desktop enviroment.

The Freedesktop project
The project that furthers colloboration between DE's in UNIXes.

The C++ library of extensions to the STL that I use in some projects

News places:

News for Nerds, what else :)
Linux Weekly News, the best independent Linux, general tech news source I know.

Brilliant site for up to date development on the free kernel projects like *BSD or Linux.

The closest thing to a danish Slashdot but with a very different bias.

Movie news are gathered and posted here. Good reviewers and very up to date.

Ask Ausiello
Most accurate TV information and gossip site.

Most accurate TV show spoiler site.

Fandom places:
The place to go for casual or weird fandom reading :o)

Australia Xena Information Page
Great and very current Xena site that I still keep up with.
Buffy cast and crew news aggregator.

Phoenix Virtual TV
Miss a cancelled show go here! Maybe someone is still telling its story

Other places

My favorite supplier of DVDs

Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter, massive wars, teamplay, fun and I play it from time to time.

User Friendly
Webcomic about a place almost like my first workplace and very funny.

The best anime webcomic in my opinion.

Errant story
Webcomic by the guy behind Exploitation Now. Very funny, always has subtext.

Angel Moxie
A brilliant anime style webcomic spoofing all magical girl shows