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Who are you?

My real life name is: Mikael Helbo Kjær. I was born on the 30th of June 1977 in the nice town called: Sønderborg in the european nation officially named The Kingdom of Denmark.

I've managed to live here my entire life except for a half year jaunt to university elsewhere and some vacations.

I am your basic dane. A little over 1.80 meter tall, weighing in a bit on the heavy side, blonde and blue eyed. Just paints a lovely picture in your mind doesn't it ;)

If you want to see how I look in real life follow this link scary isn't it.

Why are you called 'theICEBear'?

Oh, there are several reasons actually. theICEBear is a nickname I picked up online when I was about 20, but its history goes way back. If you read the short description of my looks above you'll probably notice that I wrote that I am blonde and from Denmark. And while there are no real bears in Denmark I was called a cuddly bear many times when I was younger. You see I was and am to a certain degree still overweight and that combined with my general way of being big and lumbering as I walk around and the fact that I am very nice, helpful and sweet until you give me just enough grief to call forth the rage I have inside, gave me the bear moniker, when I was young. As I grew older and I some day by happenstance revealed to my friends that I hate the humid, warm and insect plagued summers in Denmark, but love the frosty cold weather in the autumn, winter and early spring I got the icebear moniker instead. Finally as I used the Internet I chose it as a nickname in place of some meaningless quote or word from some TV-show. It has kind of stuck with me since :)

What have you done in your life?

Well I never went to kindergarden as I was raised by my beloved mother at home, but I did go to public school for nine years, then was at the gymnasium for three years. I managed make my way through public school even though I got heckled for being different and turned into a bit of a loner. First because I didn't act or think like everyone else. Later because I retreated into school work and myself making me the odd introverted one. Oh, well Gymnasium was a lot better and I picked up a little bit of self confidence, when I found I was actually good at some things.

After that and being all of 19 I had a short half year jaunt at Odense University where I studied Molecular Biology. That was supposed to be all about genetics and biology only it wasn't. It was about giving us the basic skills missing from our Gymnasium education. So I went back home. A half year of unemployment, a 200 page story in danish (my first novel length story), hundreds of hours Roleplaying and finding two good friends later I began taking the Datamatician education. I really liked my new vocation and threw myself into studying. I found that I had a flair for writing computer software and after 2 and a half year I was good enough to go out to get a job.

I found one only it was the wrong one and I managed to only be employed there for 3 days! That has to be a record. However my luck in finding jobs and nice rental apartments continued and I got a new one 14 days later at a small ISP and software firm called DIA in my hometown. Life changed for the better and I met the man, who would inspire me to go from basically educated programmer with no experience to the creative software architect I feel I am today. He forced me to expand my horizons and no one there let me sit idle or get bored at any time. I spent six months learning and creating a huge software application for publishing only to have the project shutdown 3 months before I could have produced a prototype. I felt a little betrayed and was even more dismayed when I was reduced to little more than a dynamic webpage writer for five months. Then I got a break and got to write one of the two software applications I am proud off only to find that it would never be used. I stayed on for six more months even two dreadful months as the only developer as the Internet bubble burst and tore the ISP down with it. Then I finally found another job nearby with the company: TSE, where I worked more or less happily for 15 months managing to go from a small tricky project to be the technical mind and designer behind a huge enterprise web application within six months. I however found myself increasingly depressed by my lack of knowledge on the deep end of the computer spectrum. My education made me great at working at the high levels dealing with interfaces and networks, but I was out of my depth when we got close to the hardware and I hate not knowing stuff. So I made an unusual decision for the time and quit my job to go back to studying. This time I chose to make myself a full Electrical Engineer with speciality in IT (or said clearly programming for low level hardware). Well I was a student again for all of 2 years, studying meeting more good new friends and generally having fun. In that time I also managed to find a nice sideline by working as an consultant first for my old employer then for what would be my new one EUC Syd. I got pegged to build another E-learning application using all my knowledge from my previous jobs. It turned out great and I after getting my degree (I am now a B.Sc.EE (IT)) went to work on a short-term contract for EUC Syd. That lasted and kept me busy until the 1st January 2006, when my time was up. Since I have been looking for new work but finding none that doesn't require me to abandon my dearly won friends or the closeness to my family that keeps me sane and happy.

A proud multi-nerd?

Wait a second isn't nerd a bad word I hear you ask? Not to me. You see I have been called a nerd and worse many times in my life and I will gladly stand by my calling, because if I like living my life and if I am living the life of a nerd, then I must like being a nerd... Right?

Wait I hear you ask. Why do you get called a nerd? Well have a look around on this website. I have handcoded the HTML and CSS for it from memory. Yes I am a bonafide computer nerd with a ton of programming skills to boot. But oh we're not done.

You see I am also a complete fanatic when it comes to reading and my reading materials. Wait I hear you ask again. What is nerdy about reading? Well if you have a huge collection of comics even obscure and very expensive ones from Japan or when you're the proud owner of everything written by J.R.R. Tolkien, David Eddings, Julian May or Terry Pratchett then you're nerdy (even geeky but I don't recognize the distinction).

Ah and then we come to over to movie and TV side of things. While I am willing to admit I am not the largest TV nerd around my home town then I am a damned close second. My family used to use me as a TV magazine (courtesy of Text-TV and a damned good memory) for example. I can proudly list every modern and most old sci-fi and fantasy on my list of series that I have seen every episode of. I buy TV show DVD boxsets, when I can. These days I am even bored by TV, because there is nothing on that I haven't seen before. Then there is the movies. While I don't go to the cinema for anything but the largest premieres I have come to the local Blockbuster and have the clerk remark that I rent a lot of movies. And just like with TV I try to get the one that are of special interest as my personal possessions to be savored at any time. And then there is my ability to become a fanatic for something. I have this gift or curse to fall completely in love with a TV-show, manga series or book series. They have to be long so that I can't get all of the action at once. That is the exact reason I have Buffy and Xena fanfiction on my website. Look for my explanations of those specific fandoms there for a more in depth view of my nerdiness.